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Makoto is her sailor form's alternative human identity as part Sailor jupiter transformation latino dating the Sailor Soldiers, female supernatural fighters who protect the Solar System from evil. Sailor jupiter transformation latino dating the series, Makoto is the third Sailor Soldier to be discovered by Usagi Tsukinoand serves as the "muscles" of the group, [1] as she possesses superhuman strength, as well as powers associated with electricity and plants.

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Aside from the main body of the Sailor Moon series, Makoto features in her own manga short story, The Melancholy of Sailor jupiter transformation latino dating. A number of image songs mentioning her character have been released as well, including the contents of three different CD singles. Makoto's strong, independent personality is hinted at in her most striking physical feature—her unusual height 5'8" or 1.

She is stated at her first appearance in the series to be very Sailor jupiter transformation latino dating, and considerable notice is taken in the original Japanese versions, although this trait is downplayed in English translations as Sailor jupiter transformation latino dating relative height is not all that uncommon in most Europeans.

She is physically very strong, and in fact was rumoured to have been kicked Sailor jupiter transformation latino dating of her previous school for fighting. It has a long skirt, which when coupled with her curly hair, was a common visual cue for a tough or delinquent girl at the time the series was created. She always wears pink rose earrings and a green hair tie that decorates her ponytail. One of the most consistent characters across the many versions of the series, Makoto is always depicted as simultaneously the most masculine and feminine of the four Guardian Soldiers.

Her most closely held dream is to get married and own a cake and flower shop. Her domestic talents are explained as a deliberate effort to overcome her tomboyishness. She insists that she is not the least bit feminine, and seems surprised and touched when someone tells her she is.

Sailor Jupiter is the muscle...

This dual nature comes from a need to be self-sufficient: She is self-sufficient almost to a fault, and gets shocked when an airplane passes overhead. In the anime adaptation, Makoto lives alone. In Pretty Guardian Sailor MoonMakoto's parents' death is told in a flashback in Act 6, but how they died is not mentioned. Makoto has at least one former boyfriendwhich is the importance of this subplot. Her senpai is mentioned only once or twice. In the anime adaptation Makoto is extremely boy-crazy.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon is an integral part of why Makoto feels she needs Sailor jupiter transformation latino dating be alone. Makoto is generally attracted to Motoki Furuhataespecially in the anime, but only in the live-action show do they become close.

One quirk of Makoto's was made famous among English-speaking fans due to the translation of a particular scene in the anime adaptation. The girls are arguing over which of them should play the part of Snow White in a play.

As a character with different incarnations, special powers, transformations and extended longevity; a really Sailor jupiter transformation latino dating ageless lifetime virtually spanned between the Silver Sailor jupiter transformation latino dating era and the 30th Century, Makoto gains multiple aspects and aliases as the series progresses.

Makoto's Soldier identity is Sailor Jupiter. She wears a sailor suit colored in green and Sailor jupiter transformation latino dating, with rose-shaped earrings and green, laced-up boots with height just above the ankles. In the manga and live-action series she has a belt carrying a small ball of potpourri. Although the Roman planet-name is used, Sailor Jupiter's dominant element is wood [17] due to this aspect of Japanese mythology. She is by far the physically strongest of the Sailor Soldiers, able to lift a full-grown man above her head, [19] even while ice skating [20] or to stop Sailor jupiter transformation latino dating stone pillar from falling.

It does not appear in the live-action series. As she grows much stronger and more powerful, Sailor Jupiter gains additional special abilities and powers, and at key points her Sailor jupiter transformation latino dating Soldier uniform changes to reflect this.

The first change takes place in Act 37 of the manga, when she obtains the Jupiter Crystal and her outfit becomes similar to that of Super Sailor Moon. Sailor jupiter transformation latino dating is not given a Sailor jupiter transformation latino dating title. A third, manga-only form appears in Act 42, unnamed but analogous to Eternal Sailor Moon sans wings. She was among those given the duty of protecting Princess Serenity of the Moon Kingdom.

As Princess Jupiter, she dwelt in Io Castle and wore a green gown—she appears in this form in the original manga, as well as in supplementary art. Makoto is portrayed as unusually strong for a teenage girl, [1] but like the other Sailor Soldiers, she must transform in order to gain access to her celestial powers.

In the manga, Sailor Jupiter's first named attack is Flower Hurricanewhich is immediately followed by calling down Sailor jupiter transformation latino dating. Sometimes, before performing the attack she would call out "Waga Sailor jupiter transformation latino dating Mokusei yo! Bring Sailor jupiter transformation latino dating the lightning!

Although she channels this power, she is not immune to its effects, and can use her body to focus the electricity in a suicide move. In the second story arc Sailor Jupiter gains Sparkling Wide Pressurean attack consisting of a lightning ball [38] which, aside from a manga-only power called Jupiter Coconut Cycloneremains her primary attack for the rest of the second story arc, all of the third, and much of the fourth.

When she takes on her second Soldier form Super Sailor Jupiter in the animeshe acquires a special item, a wreath of oak leaves, which is described in the manga as "the emblem of thunder and lightning. Sailor Jupiter's earrings, large pink roses, are occasionally significant. She wears them in both her Soldier and civilian forms, and can use them as a projectile weapon if she needs to. The former is Makoto's Sailor Crystal and the source of all of her power, which becomes especially Sailor jupiter transformation latino dating in the fifth story arc.

In the live-action series, she frequently uses unnamed electric attacks, and is given a tambourine -like weapon Sailor jupiter transformation latino dating Sailor Star Tambo by Artemis.

Makoto is present in the original proposal for a Sailor jupiter transformation latino dating Codename: Sailor V anime, but her name is given as Mamoru Chino. Creator Naoko Takeuchi Sailor jupiter transformation latino dating that this character eventually became Makoto, and writes that the original concept was quite different—Makoto was not only tough, but in fact was meant to be the leader of a female gang as well as a smoker.

Sailor Jupiter's Sailor jupiter transformation latino dating costume design, like the others', was fully unique. It featured buckles, very long gloves, blue and yellow highlights, a bare lower torso, and a profusion of thin, dark pink ribbons—along with a face-plate and communicator. Sailor jupiter transformation latino dating, Takeuchi was surprised by Sailor jupiter transformation latino dating sketches and stated that she did not remember drawing them.

Possible meanings include "truth", "fidelity", and "sincerity". The given name "Makoto," however, is a unisex name usually given to boys, but is sometimes given to girls; its Sailor jupiter transformation latino dating here highlights Makoto's tomboyishness. In the stage musicalsMakoto has been portrayed by 13 actresses: Also, child actress Misho Narumi portrays Makoto in flashbacks, dream sequences, and childhood photos.

Inreaders ranked them at eleventh and fifth respectively, out of thirty eight choices. A five-book series was published, one book on each Sailor jupiter transformation latino dating the Sailor Soldiers and Sailor Moon.

Makoto's was released in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. What Japanese Words Say about Women paperbackfirst mass market ed. Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon.

In this act, Mako and Motoki date, but they "break up" shortly thereafter.

Motoki catches Usagi 's bridal bouquet and proposes to Mako on the spot. En's Snow White Strategy". Pretty Sailor Sailor Moon. It had a great deal of impact on the first series. Probably because the four couplings on Sailor jupiter transformation latino dating right side were very unexpected. I was thinking of love stories of the previous lives of these couples.

A character profile for Sailor...

I'd like to be able to draw that someday Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon: Another Story in Japanese. In the English versions, Makoto does not say 'Make up' when transforming.

In the re-released edition of the manga, rather than simply calling lightning she uses the incantation Jupiter Thunderbolt. Neither this attack nor Flower Hurricane appears in the anime, but both are used in the live-action series.

The Tragic Final Battle". In the English Dic adaptation, it was primarily called Jupiter Thunderclap Zap in the second season, though it retained its original name most of the time when Cloverway dubbed the anime but other names included the original name, Jupiter Thunder PowerSuperior Sparkling ThunderSupreme Thunder Crashor, on one occasion, "Thunder!

Endless Battle of the Evil World". Bishoujo Senshi Sailor jupiter transformation latino dating Moon. Archived from the original on Retrieved 27 April Retrieved 20 October Keiji; Buggs, Tim; Ta, Trong, eds. Retrieved 20 October — via Amazon.

Sailor Moon by Naoko Takeuchi. Retrieved from " https: Japanese superheroes Comics characters introduced in Fictional characters with electric or magnetic abilities Fictional characters with plant abilities Sailor jupiter transformation latino dating chefs Jupiter in fiction Orphan characters in anime and manga Sailor Soldiers Teenage characters in television Martial artists characters in television Fictional orphans.

CS1 Japanese-language sources ja Pages using deprecated image syntax Articles using Infobox Sailor jupiter transformation latino dating with multiple unlabeled fields Articles containing Japanese-language text. Views Read Sailor jupiter transformation latino dating View history.

This page was last edited on 20 Octoberat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Makoto in her Super Sailor Jupiter Sailor jupiter transformation latino dating as seen Sailor jupiter transformation latino dating Season 4 of the s anime. Sailor Soldiers Shadow Galactica manga. Electricity manipulation Martial arts Longevity Superhuman strength.

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