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Daniel leads the Android Advocacy team. In his seven-year tenure he has taken on many roles including Chrome and arthur dating apps development of our Udacity courseware, as well as working with Game developers to make sure Android and Play meet their needs.

He enjoys working with our internal teams to improve the Android development experience.

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Pankaj was an early employee at Twitter in San Francisco where he led Chrome and arthur dating apps Personalization and Recommendations teams that were responsible for some of Twitter's search, discovery, and relevance products. He previously founded two startups, both of which were acquired, and a tech architecture group for startups called Specialized Types.

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He has a Ph. Tech from IIT Delhi. He has published more than 30 research papers and holds more than 20 patents. Sachit works on libraries, documentation, and outreach efforts for Actions on Google as a Developer Programs Engineer. Prior to his current role, he was a PM lead on Android focusing on building the Android developer ecosystem. Before joining Google inFrancis was an entrepreneur and tech startup co-founder.

And before that he worked at Amazon. Tal is a Product Manager on the Chrome for Android team. She earned her Chrome and arthur dating apps degree Chrome and arthur dating apps Neurobiology with a secondary focus in Computer Science Chrome and arthur dating apps Harvard.

Sowmya joined Google in where Chrome and arthur dating apps helped develop several initiatives at YouTube and Google Maps. Chrome and arthur dating apps her first 4 years, Sowmya Chrome and arthur dating apps an engineering team within Google Maps using crowdsourced data to map the world's streets and businesses, and provide tools, such as MyMaps.

Since joining YouTube inSowmya has helped transform YouTube to better serve users and creators. Sowmya is also active with Women in Engineering Google, focusing on changing the perception of women in the media. Kaz has also authored many GCP blog posts and has supported developer communities for Google Cloud for over 8 years. Anitha has been with Google for the past 6 years in different teams including Platforms, Cloud and Machine Learning.

She plays an active role in empowering young girls to pursue Chrome and arthur dating apps science as a career and frequently volunteers in talks and workshops on this topic. As a long-time Java and a recent C developer, he likes to compare the two ecosystems. Originally from Cyprus, he currently lives in Greenwich, not too far away from the prime meridian. He has done over six projects in past 3 years of his undergraduate study and these projects have won multiple awards at national and state levels from organizations like IEEE, Chrome and arthur dating apps Electric, etc.

Jake is a human boy working on web standards.

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He wants the web to do what native does best, and do it fast. Having previously worked at Microsoft, IBM, Chrome and arthur dating apps Reuters - he has over 10 years of industry experience and is on a mission to help startups become successful on Google Cloud. A graduate from BITS Pilani and a trained architect, he has been active in the space of cloud computing for over 8 years.

Prior Chrome and arthur dating apps Google, Todd worked at Twitter and a few mobile-first startups. He spends his time helping developers get up and running with Chrome and arthur dating apps source and Google projects on Github and StackOverflow, as well as Chrome and arthur dating apps developers Chrome and arthur dating apps person around the world.

Wesley is the author of the bestselling "Core Python" corepython. In addition to being an engineer at Google, he runs CyberWeb cyberwebconsulting. Wesley was one of Chrome and arthur dating apps original Yahoo! She's on the lookout for Chrome and arthur dating Chrome and arthur dating apps hardest problems facing Chrome and arthur dating apps and always working to solve them.

Marc builds tools, demos, codelabs, and Chrome and Chrome and arthur dating apps dating apps things that make the Google Cloud Platform easier and more fun to use. He co-authored a book about Google Compute Engine and wrote the product announcement demo. In a previous life, he developed communication systems at Bell Labs and Lucent Technologies. Outside of work, he enjoys indie music, quirky films especially documentariesbooks, puzzles, and Chrome and arthur dating apps. He's also very interested in education, teaching, and applying technology like spaced repetition to enhance the learning experience.

He was previously involved with Social, Identity, and Games-related technologies at Google. Sam is a Developer Advocate based in London. Sam currently spends most of his time building training resources for web developers. He also maintains simpl. Anirudh leads a team of Developer Advocates that is focused on helping developers build amazing Android Instant Apps and Media consumption experiences on Android.

During his 10 years at Google, he was helped developers across the world build great things with Google Developer Platforms. Outside of work, he loves traveling and practicing landscape photography. Chrome and arthur dating apps joining Google he worked in everything from startups to research to finance. Lyla is an Android Developer Advocate at Google. Prior to joining Google, she worked at Udacity on the Android team, where she taught introductory to advanced Android and Firebase content to over a hundred thousand developers.

She's a returned Peace Corps volunteer and has taught and lived on three continents. Jenny is a User Experience Research Lead at Google where she conducts research on mobile use, facilitates design sprints, and trains others to do so.

Jenny started her career in academia and was a lecturer at the Open University, UK, where she conducted Educational Technology research.

She received Chrome and arthur dating apps Ph. As Developer Advocate for Dialogflow, Dan teaches engineers to build conversational experiences using the magic of machine learning. Romin works as a Principal Architect at Xoriant Solutions where he manages new technologies and open source initiatives. His interests lie in learning and teaching, with a passion for making developers successful.

He lives in Mumbai, India. He Chrome and arthur dating apps on core OS components, as well as developer and user Chrome and arthur dating apps on Android. Prior to his work on Android, Nasir was a Software Engineer building and architecting products and solutions.

Meggin earned her undergraduate degree from the University of California, Berkeley. She lives in San Francisco with her husband, and two children, Amelia and Patrick. She is an advocate for diversity and inclusion in the web developer community. His mission is to make developers more effective by building code samples and libraries, creating training materials, leading hands-on workshops, and engaging with developers face-to-face to understand their motivations.

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He also works on projects aimed at Chrome and arthur dating apps adoption of Android Things through better tooling and support. Prior to IoT, Jonathan spent five years writing Android apps and libraries. Pete helps Chrome and arthur dating apps developers build the next generation of web apps. As a Developer Advocate working on the web team, he likes taking the sharp edges off cutting edge technologies and making it easy for developers to use them.

Aaseesh is part of the Trust Chrome and arthur dating apps Safety Search team, which evaluates the quality of Google search results and protects users from being exposed to spam and other Chrome and arthur dating apps of abuse.

He is primarily responsible for educating webmasters on the various tools and resources Google provides to help make user-friendly websites. He also works with the Safe Browsing team helping to prevent users from being affected by malicious content on the web.

He has been working on Firebase for three years, and has worked developing iOS apps at the Omni Group and building microprocessors at Texas Instruments. In Chrome and arthur dating apps free time Mike enjoys spending time outdoors, cooking, and hacking on embedded hardware.

Patrick is the Chief Generalising Specialist at Newgen Digital, where he embodies a culture of continuous learning. A Google Developer Expert on the Cloud and G Chrome and arthur dating apps, he has the privilege of interacting with some of the most intelligent people Chrome and arthur dating apps the world.

He cannot wait to hear what you have to say. Sean is a Developer Advocate at Google. Prior to joining Google, he gained a decade of experience as a startup engineer in San Francisco.

He is passionate about using great tools to build great products. Before that he was a full-time musician.

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Rumor has it that he still runs a band called Ancient Babies. Soham is the founder of Chrome and arthur dating apps and the creator of the audio recording app Skyro Voice Recorder. He is also a Google Expert for product design and a mentor at the Google Launchpad Accelerator program. Rowan is a developer advocate for the web with a particular focus on e-commerce.

That means he looks at how we can take all the exciting new functionality on the web platform and show how those can be applied in real-world businesses to show a clear return on investment.

Let him Chrome and arthur dating apps if you find his beacon at some point during the event. Previously he was a Product Manager for Google Drive. He has a background in banking software, databases, and information security. Florina is an Android Developer Advocate at Google, helping developers architect clean, testable apps using the Architecture Components libraries. She has been working with Android for 8 years.

Previously, Florina has worked Chrome and arthur dating apps news at Upday, payment solutions at Payleven, and navigation services at Garmin.

He Chrome and arthur dating apps co-founded a startup. Karthik currently serves on the board of a Clean tech startup and advices a leading NGO who train and find jobs for people with disabilities. He has 15 years of experience in academia and industry in the areas of wearable computing, outdoor augmented reality, and mobile devices.

Wayne works to get developers excited about new Google technologies through conferences, social media, and training materials. He also advocates for developers within Google, ensuring they have the right tools and information to support their work. Sukriti is the lead of the Manipal chapter of Women Techmakers, Where she Chrome and arthur dating apps towards proliferation of Chrome and arthur dating apps participation in technology.

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She is a final year undergraduate student at the Manipal Institute of Technology and will be shortly associated with IISc Bangalore for her project work. David is a Developer Training Engineer excited by the technologies and the potential of mobile web.

He works to develop training content and courses that help developers master modern skills and push Chrome and arthur dating apps web Chrome and arthur dating apps forward.

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