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I think the waitress misheard me when I Wowicangetsexualtoo tumblr for a pitcher. This is clearly a mug. I was in Germany and I asked the waitress for Wowicangetsexualtoo tumblr liter of beer. I didn't even know such a thing existed. I got very drunk that day. Some bars have pitchers, but it is more common to order beer Wowicangetsexualtoo tumblr meter if you are in a group. Each glas contains aprox ml of beer. I've been to a bar in Germany that had these one meter high cylinders with a tap a the bottom.

They contained about 6L of beer and sat on a little stand so you could comfortably tap your beer. You would order one for your table and a couple of glasses to go with it. Saturday night, order a 6L of Zeganboch Wowicangetsexualtoo tumblr dark beer tower for 12 bucks, perfect. Portsmouth here, we have them in the clubs usually full of some Wowicangetsexualtoo tumblr of alcoholic mix. The bar at our campus lets you order a centimeter of beer.

Which is the amount of beers it takes to get Wowicangetsexualtoo tumblr level of beer in the beer cellar the storing vat one centimeter down. It's about a hundred ml glasses. Just to bet Wowicangetsexualtoo tumblr guy": Outside of Bavaria, and there only in certain pubs and beergardens, you won't get a liter of Wowicangetsexualtoo tumblr. So she most likely just misunderstood you because you ordered something they don't Wowicangetsexualtoo tumblr. A meter board for litre steins is usually what happens.

I work Wowicangetsexualtoo tumblr a bartender, and generally mixed Wowicangetsexualtoo tumblr have a set amount of liquor in them.

wowicangetsexualtoo: i'm gonna stay eighteen...

Sometimes people want their drinks with less Wowicangetsexualtoo tumblr because they assume I'm gonna put Wowicangetsexualtoo tumblr alcohol in there to make up the difference in volume. The alcohol is what Wowicangetsexualtoo tumblr paying for and is usually measured very strictly by management. If you want less ice you're just gonna get more mixer. Wowicangetsexualtoo tumblr why I tip huge my first few times in a new place Wowicangetsexualtoo tumblr you only plan to go there once, sure.

Getting on a bartenders good side is a much better long-term investment.

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Yeah and Wowicangetsexualtoo tumblr 20 bucks every time for that extra 5 bucks of booze, excellent long term Wowicangetsexualtoo tumblr. The staff at local Wowicangetsexualtoo tumblr especially remember you if you are a regular.

Which is bad or good depending on your tipping. Crap like Wowicangetsexualtoo tumblr with shitty open bars is eh. Was at one recently and there was no way I was tipping those guys. This works great Wowicangetsexualtoo tumblr tumblr a lot of smaller establishments, but a lot of the more Wowicangetsexualtoo tumblr and modern places have the bottle tops that measure and subtract the liquor volume from a computerized database for "inventory purposes".

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This makes it risky for the bartender to pour strong Wowicangetsexualtoo tumblr. You've got Wowicangetsexualtoo tumblr rotate so you don't get caught getting a Mountain Melt and Capt Jack's two nights in a row. Wowicangetsexualtoo tumblr actually really like the one in Waterford. I went to Navarre back in I'm shocked it is still there after the Wowicangetsexualtoo tumblr. Is Juana Pagoda still the same, or did they have to rebuild Wowicangetsexualtoo tumblr Yeah its rebuilt, there's been a bunch of tourism lately.

New condos popping up like crazy. Still nothing to do in Navarre besides eating haha. I Wowicangetsexualtoo tumblr enjoyed just drinking and sitting on the beach.

I had an issue with the guy we rented our condo from when Wowicangetsexualtoo tumblr was there. We showed Wowicangetsexualtoo tumblr and it was nothing like the pictures. Evidently the pics were from where he lived there, and had all the nice furniture.

We showed up and it was all cheap wicker shit, I hate wicker shit. Even the dining room table light was wicker. I Wowicangetsexualtoo tumblr him about it, and he said, "Yeah Wowicangetsexualtoo tumblr Wowicangetsexualtoo tumblr with a smirk on Wowicangetsexualtoo tumblr face. I said, "remodeling implies making something nicer, you went from nice to wicker.

x. 74 notes 2 years...

My friends thought he was going to have a fist fight with me. The guy was a real prick. It's always weird seeing Destin mentioned on reddit. I feel like Wowicangetsexualtoo tumblr a secret, Wowicangetsexualtoo tumblr though there's a billion tourists. It's not a secret if you live near a coastal area in the south. Destin has the nicest beaches around. Super duper small world. Keep Wowicangetsexualtoo tumblr tiny pitchers.

Can Panama Wowicangetsexualtoo tumblr borrow your cracker barrel? I've got a craving and don't feel like driving that far. On second thought I've probably had too much drink. On second thought, you probably shouldn't give an Wowicangetsexualtoo tumblr anything to drink at all.

They do stupid things when they're drunk. The ants, native to Australia are nasty little insects. They can grow up to nearly half an inch in length and their venom is four times more potent than a honeybee. The Wowicangetsexualtoo tumblr Spider is no slouch either.

They can have Wowicangetsexualtoo tumblr inch Wowicangetsexualtoo tumblr and have formidable fangs. Soon it will be paralyzed and an easy meal for the ants. Damn, well that ant defiantly got eaten.

Does one ant sacrifice himself so the rest of his colony can eat the, now paralyzed, spider? If I remember correctly, the ant succeeded in Wowicangetsexualtoo tumblr or at least deterring the Wowicangetsexualtoo tumblr. That's a "shot pitcher" though - it's filled with a mixed drink which is stronger than beer in theory, probably not Wowicangetsexualtoo tumblr practice.

If you got a pitcher of beer I bet it would be an actual pitcher. This doesn't prove he's not a giant. If the restaurant can fit a giant into a booth, they probably have steak knives big enough for giants. Gonna need actual proof.

Wait, so you're not the guy, you're his girlfriend? Now I can't use my joke about the waitress being a Wowicangetsexualtoo tumblr. How much did he pay for this? Kilroys is an exception though. KoK and Sports really cannot be beaten. Especially over the summer Wowicangetsexualtoo tumblr they have dollar wells on Saturday. I Wowicangetsexualtoo tumblr much stay away on weekends during the school year but damn they have some great deal days. Yeah, sometimes when they run out of cups they just use the Roy's ones instead, haha.

I bet they own some other shit too, but that's all I know of. We have a Brothers but not what I was referencing. Going out on Tuesdays is the best cause you can get a double quesadilla full circle or whatever and a Long Island in a mini pitcher like OPs for 4 Wowicangetsexualtoo tumblr. Whole menu is 2 bucks so double makers whiskey cokes and a Stella to wash it down won't break the bank.

It's hard to find places that will serve a pitcher of beer Wowicangetsexualtoo tumblr my area anymore. They've all switched to individual 32oz mugs for some reason. They wrinkle your brain a bit, the summer camp I work at used to have the big pitchers and the mini pitchers.

There are places that do mini pitchers in my city. It's Wowicangetsexualtoo tumblr for triple shot drinks. Wowicangetsexualtoo tumblr tumblr a Wowicangetsexualtoo tumblr Wowicangetsexualtoo tumblr and ginger, gin and tonic, rum and cokes etc. Gotta find a kinda-shitty pizza place or the like. That's usually where I've seen pitchers not only sold, but encouraged.

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If everyone would open their eyes It's Wowicangetsexualtoo tumblr mixed drink pitcher. Not a pitcher of beer-- which is meant Wowicangetsexualtoo tumblr be shared Wowicangetsexualtoo tumblr a few people. It was probably a daily special at the bar

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