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How to make your girlfriend want more sex

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Do you find yourself wanting more sex than your girlfriend? Does this leave you feeling rejected and confused? Wondering what to do about it? If left unchecked, it can cause some men to jump to conclusions and sometimes sabotage an otherwise healthy relationship.

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Some guys like getting it on several times a day. Other men are more of the once a week type. The same holds true for women. If you are in a relationship with How to make your girlfriend want more sex woman where you want to knock boots more How to make your girlfriend want more sex she does, here are seven tips to think about. Comparing your level of desire to that of your girlfriend can lead to problems. For these reasons and many morethere could be mitigating factors contributing to her lower sex drive.

Assuming you two are close, why not chat about it? One very real reason her sex drive may seem lower than yours could be emotional. In other words, women tend to need an emotional connection as part of sexy time.

As males, we are wired to be more physical. This goes back to our primal beginnings when we first walked the earth. How guys handle breakups. As a way of self-checking yourself, reflect upon the following question:.

Not a quick peck on the cheek. Not a forehead kiss. There are several ways to accomplish this. Examples include soft touching, holding, and spooning. How about your girlfriend? Silly as this may sound, not everyone shares the same thoughts. Moreover, it involves way more than genital stimulation. Consider these starter questions: Do you consider oral a form of sex?

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How might her definitions differ than yours? Is the dynamic such in your How to make your girlfriend want more sex that you wait until she initiates? As time goes on, things become predictable. In turn, this can lead to massive boredom. If you she is How to make your girlfriend want more sex respondent, which may happen, look it as an opportunity for dialogue. Yes, you read that right. I know this may seem uncomfortable but you may discover it to be helpful.

I know some men who make out with their girlfriends while they engage in this activity.

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Obviously, both parties need to agree. The longer the two of you are together, the more likely this will happen. Instead of casting blame and making assumptions, it just makes sense to work with an experienced professional. Doing so can help you both to better understand the unique dynamics of your relationship.

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How to make your girlfriend want more sex The Five Love Languages for Men: What I like about this read is the way the author speaks to men using guy friendly language. Remember, not everyone operates at the same speed in the bedroom. Communication is key — and so is patience. Retrieved from Psychology Today: Relationships, as in any human How to make your girlfriend want more sex interactions, are quite messy.

They have different ways they succeed, different ways we think they have succeeded and […]. How How to make your girlfriend want more sex How to make your girlfriend want more sex deal with breakups? Copyright Guy Counseling. John Moore is a journalist and blogger who writes about a variety of topics. His interests include technology, outdoor activities, science, and men's health. Click on his BIO to learn How to make your girlfriend want more sex. Follow him on LinkedIn.

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